The Visible Evidence Forum is dedicated to experimenting with new forms of online, collaborative scholarship on documentary and nonfiction media. Our goal is to provide an online dialogue amongst the community generated from short, thoughtful, scholarly contributions.

The Forum aims to take advantage of both the immediacy of online communications and digital media’s potential to combine multiple media forms. To that end, the Forum will be published quarterly with each publication consisting of four contributions: an initial 750-1000-word piece by the topic’s curator that addresses an issue of critical, theoretical, and/or historical interest to the community; and three subsequent 500-word contributions that respond to and develop the discussion in different directions. Once all pieces have been published, the comments section will be opened for the community to engage the topic’s ideas.

The first forum is forthcoming.

Please write to Leshu Torchin (Editor, Visible Evidence Forum) and Joshua Malitsky with any questions or comments.​