Scenes from Saturday morning

"The almond croissants are one of the best I have ever had... I am glad they didn't get the food from the deli across the street." --Overheard by Anuja Jain (photo: P. Sen)


Dan Streible chats with other early risers in the Reise Lounge. (photo: J. Zwarich)


A coffee meeting before the start of the day's panels. (photo: J. Zwarich)

Judith Helfand speaks about the hybrid film fund and nonprofit production company Chicken & Egg Pictures alongside filmmakers Rachel Libert and Stephanie Wang-Breal at "The Documentary Hothouse" workshop. (photo: J. Zwarich)

Shi-Yan Chao starts off the panel "Queer Politics, Camp Tactics." (photo: J. Zwarich)

Panel chair Michelle Stewart takes notes during presentations in "Displacements: Global Cities." (photo: J. Zwarich)

Timekeeping at panel 7B. (photo: P. Sen)

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