War and Audiovisual Memory

Laliv Melamed, Blake Fitzpatrick and Seth Feldman on "Drum-taps: War and Audiovisual Memory" (Photo by O. Landesman)

Panel 5E, “Drum-taps: War and Audiovisual Memory” kicked off with Blake Fitzpatrick exploring image and sound juxtapositions in the work of Louie Palu, a Canadian photographer who has worked as an embedded photojournalist with Canadian, British and American troops in Afghanistan.

Seth Feldman followed up on this tension by screening “The Dachau Line”, an 18 minutes film he has been working on for the last three years, following a pathway marked by the City of Dachau between the railway station and the concentration camp. Informational voiceover emanates from the original guidebook of the city.

Finally, Laliv Melamed presented her study about the phenomenon of films produced in memory of Israeli soldiers who died as a result of violent conflicts in the region. In the films, performative modes of address such as testimony, therapeutic speech/listening and storytelling create spectatorship based on experience. The larger question that comes out of the three presentations is the way audio—war sounds, narration, or speech—works together with or in contrast to the image to portray or fight death or disappearance.

—Ohad Landesman

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