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About Visible Evidence

The Visible Evidence community is a collection of scholars and practitioners engaged in research and debates on historical and contemporary documentary practice and nonfiction media culture.

Work presented at conferences focuses on the role of film, video and other media as record, witness, and voice of social reality, exploring a wide range of cultural, political, social, historical, ethnographic, aesthetic, and pedagogical questions and perspectives from fields such as film studies, communication studies, anthropology, architecture, art history, ethnic studies, queer studies, history, journalism, law, medicine, political science, geography, sociology, urban studies and gender studies.

Visible Evidence XXIX

The 2023 Visible Evidence conference will take place at the University of Udine, Italy, September 6-9. The conference is organized in partnership with FilmForum 2023, the 30th edition of Udine’s International Film and Media Studies Conference and the 20th of the MAGIS International Film and Media Studies Spring School. This year’s conference will focus on “Documentary Ecologies” and is envisioned as an in-person event, though there will be some opportunities to participate remotely. Learn more about this year’s conference in the Call for Papers.