Documentary Book List

Recommended Books on Non-Fiction/Documentary Film and Video

The Visible Evidence community has compiled this list of recently published books that were recommended as most valuable for thinking about documentary/non-fiction film and video. This list is open to books in languages other than English. In terms of criteria for inclusion, the definition of value is expansive, as the Visible Evidence community itself is expansive.

To recommend books for this list, please email the author, title, and a link to the press’ book page to Joshua Malitsky, associate professor in Cinema and Media Studies and director of Indiana University Media School’s Center for Documentary Research and Practice.

Recommended Books

Adamson, MorganEnduring Images: A Future History of New Left Cinema. University of Minnesota Press, 2018.

Aguayo, Angela J. Documentary Resistance: Social Change and Participatory Media. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Alvarado, Alejandro. La poscensura en el cine documental de la transición española (Postcensorship in the Documentary Film of the Spanish Transition). Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, 2018.

Astourian, Laure. The Ethnographic Optic: Jean Rouch, Chris Marker, Alain Resnais, and the Turn Inward in 1960s French Cinema. Indiana University Press, 2024.

Aufderheide, Patricia, Jaszi, Peter. Reclaiming Fair Use: Putting Balance back in Copyright. Second Edition. University of Chicago Press, 2018.

Baron, Jaimie and Fuhs, Kristen, eds. I Am Not Your Negro: A Docalogue. Routledge, 2020.

Battaglia, GiuliaDocumentary Film in India: an Anthropological History. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.

Bennett-Carpenter, BenjaminDeath in Documentaries: The Memento Mori Experience. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill | Rodopi, 2017.

Bernard, Sheila Curran and Rabin, Kenn. Archival Storytelling: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Finding, Using, and Licensing Third-Party Visuals and Music. Second Edition. Routledge, 2020.

Boyle, Deirdre. Ferryman of Memories: The Films of Rithy Panh. Rutgers University Press, 2023.

Bricca, Jacob. How Documentaries Work. Oxford University Press, 2023.

Bricca, Jacob. Documentary Editing: Principles and Practice. Second Edition. Routledge Press, 2023.

Brylla, Catalin. Documentary and Stereotypes: Reducing Stigma through Factual Media. Palgrave Macmillan, 2024.

Brylla, Catalin, Kramer, Mette, eds. Cognitive Theory and Documentary Film. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Bui, Camille. Cinépratiques de la ville: Documentaires et urbanité après Chronique d’un été. Presses Universitaires de Provence, Aix en Provence, 2018.

Cahill, James Leo and Caminati, Luca, eds. Cinema of Exploration: Essays on an Adventurous Film Practice. Routledge, 2021.

Cammaer, Gerda, Fitzpatrick, Blake, Lessard, Bruno, eds. Critical Distance in Documentary Media. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Campo, Javier, Crowder-Taraborrelli, Tomas, Garavelli, Clara, Piedras, Pablo, and Wilson, Kristi, eds. Documentary Cinema. An Aesthetic and Political CrossroadsPrometeo, 2020.

Campo, Javier, Pérez-Blanco Humberto, eds. A Trail of Fire for Political Cinema: The Hour of the Furnaces Fifty Years Later. University of Chicago Press, 2019.

Cazenave, Jennifer. An Archive of the Catastrophe: The Unused Footage of Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah. SUNY Press, 2019.

Chambers, Ciara, Jönsson, Mats, Vande Winkel, Roel, eds. Researching Newsreels: Local, National and Transnational Case Studies. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Chanan, Michael. From Printing to Streaming: Cultural Production Under Capitalism. Pluto Press, 2022.

Clark, Joseph. News Parade: The American Newsreel and the World as Spectacle. University of Minnesota Press, 2020.

Cohen, HartThe Strehlow Archive: Explorations in Old and New Media. Routledge, 2018.

Conway, Mike. Contested Ground: The Tunnel and the Struggle over Television News in Cold War America. University of Massachusetts Press, 2019.

Coover, Roderick, ed. The Digital Imaginary: Literature and Cinema of the Database. Bloomsbury, 2020.

Daniels, JillMemory, Place and Autobiography: Experiments in Documentary Filmmaking. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019.

Evrard, Audrey. Precarious Sociality, Ethics and Politics: French Documentary Cinema in the Early Twenty-First Century. University of Wales Press, 2022.

Formenti, Cristina. The Classical Animated Documentary and Its Contemporary Evolution. Bloomsbury, 2022.

Fox, Broderick. Documentary Media: History, Theory, Practice. Second Edition. Routledge Publishers, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.

Freeman, Marilyn. The Illuminated Space: A Personal Theory & Contemplative Practice of Media Art. The 3rd Thing, 2020.

French, Lisa. The Female Gaze in Documentary Film: An International Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

Fritsche, MariaThe American Marshall Plan Film Campaign and the Europeans: A Captivated Audience? London: Bloomsbury, 2018.

Geva, DanThe Ethics Lab Guidebook. CILECT, 2019.

Geva, Dan. A Philosophical History of Documentary, 1895-2022. Springer Link, 2021.

Geva, Dan. Toward a Philosophy of the Documentarian: A Prolegomenon. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Ghosh, Bishnupriya, Sarkar, Bhaskar, eds. The Routledge Companion to Media and Risk. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2020.

Glick, JoshuaLos Angeles Documentary and the Production of Public History, 1958-1977. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2018.

Godmilow, Jill. Kill the Documentary: A Letter to Filmmakers, Students, and Scholars. Columbia University Press, 2022.

Gordon, RachelThe Documentary Distribution Toolkit: How to Get Out, Get Seen, and Get an Audience. Routledge, 2021.

Grieveson, LeeCinema and the Wealth of Nations. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2018.

Hallas, Roger. A Medium Seen Otherwise: Photography in Documentary Film. Oxford University Press, 2023.

Hallas, Roger, edDocumenting the Visual Arts. Routledge, 2019.

Hamilton, Kevin, O’Gorman, NedLookout America! The Secret Hollywood Studio at the Heart of the Cold War. Interfaces: Studies in Visual Culture. Dartmouth College Press, 2018.

Hart, Phoebe. Crafting Contemporary Documentaries and Docuseries for Global Screens: Docu-mania. Lexington Books, 2024.

Honess Roe, Annabelle, Pramaggiore, Maria, edsVocal Projections: Voices in Documentary. London: Bloomsbury, 2018.

Imran, RahatActivist Documentary Film in Pakistan: the Emergence of a Cinema of Accountability. First Edition. Routledge Publishers, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018 (paperback).

Jaeckle, Jeff, and Ryan, Susan, eds. ReFocus: The Films of Barbara Kopple. Edinburgh University Press, 2019.

Johnson, Martin L. Main Street Movies: The History of Local Film in the United States. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2018.

Kazuhiro, Soda. Why I Make Documentaries. Translated by Matt Schley, edited by Silvio Grasselli. Viaindustriae Publishing, 2023.

Kim, Jihoon. Activism and Post-Activism: Korean Documentary Cinema, 1981-2022. Oxford University Press, 2024.

Kim, Jihoon. Documentary’s Expanded Fields: New Media and the Twenty-First-Century Documentary. Oxford University Press, 2022. Viaindustriae Publishing, 2023.

Kinik, Anthony, Jacobs, Steven, Hielscher, Eva. The City Symphony Phenomenon: Cinema, Art, and Urban Modernity Between the Wars. First Edition.  Routledge Publishers, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019.

Kishore, ShwetaIndian Documentary Film and Filmmakers: Independence in Practice. Edinburgh University Press, 2018.

Krzych, Scott. Beyond Bias: Conservative Media, Documentary Form, and the Politics of Hysteria. Oxford University Press, 2021.

Lessard, Bruno. The Cinema of Wang Bing: Chinese Documentary between History and Labor. University of Chicago Press, 2023.

Lord, Susan, Caridad Cumaná, María, et al., eds. The Cinema of Sara Gómez: Reframing Revolution. New Directions in National Cinemas, 2021.

Loustaunau, Esteban and Shaw, Lauren, edsTelling Migrant Stories: Latin American Diaspora in Documentary Film. University of Florida Press, 2018.

MacDonald, Scott and Zimmermann, Patricia, eds. Flash Flaherty: Tales from a Film Seminar. Indiana University Press, 2021.

MacKay, John. Dziga Vertov: Life and Work (Volume 1: 1896-1921). Academic Studies Press, 2018.

Malitsky, Joshua, ed. A Companion to Documentary Film History. Wiley Blackwell, 2021.

Mani, Lata. Myriad Intimacies. Duke University Press, 2022.

Melamed, Laliv. Sovereign Intimacy: Private Media and the Traces of Colonial Violence. University of California Press, 2023.

Miles, Adrian, ed. Digital Media and Documentary – Antipodean Approaches.  Springer Link, 2018.

Milliken, Christie, and Anderson, Steve F., eds. Reclaiming Popular Documentary. Indiana University Press, 2021.

Morag, Raya. Perpetrator Cinema: Confronting Genocide in Cambodian Documentary. Wallflower | Columbia University Press, 2020.

Morgan, Daniel. The Lure of the Image: Epistemic Fantasies of the Moving Camera. University of Chicago Press, 2021.

Motrescu-Mayes, Annamaria, Nicholson, Heather Norris. British Women Amateur Filmmakers. Edinburgh University Press 2018.

Nash, KateInteractive Documentary: Theory and Debate. Routledge, 2022.

Nichols, Bill. Introduction to Documentary. Third Edition. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2017.

Nichols, BillSpeaking Truths with Film: Evidence, Ethics, Politics in Documentary. Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2016.

Odorico, Stefano. The Interactive Documentary Form: Aesthetics, Practice and Research. Bielefeld: transcript, 2018.

Piotrowska, Agnieszka, ed. Creative Practice Research in the Age of Hopelessness. Edinburgh University Press, 2020.

Piotrowska, Agnieszka. Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary Film. 2nd Revised Edition. Routledge, 2023.

Presence, Steve, Wayne, Mike, and Newsinger, Jack. Contemporary Radical Film Culture: Networks, Organisations, and Activists. Routledge, 2020.

Ramírez-Soto, Elizabeth(Un)veiling Bodies: A Trajectory of Chilean Post-Dictatorship Documentary. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures, 20. Cambridge: Legenda, 2019.

Ramos, Julio, and Robbins, Dylon, eds. Guillén Landrián o el desconcierto fílmico. Almenara Press, 2019.

Rice, D. Andy. Political Camerawork: Documentary and the Lasting Impact of Reenacting Historical Trauma. Indiana University Press, 2023.

Robé, Christopher. Abolishing Surveillance: Digital Media Activism and State Repression. PM Press, 2023.

Robé, Christopher, Charbonneau, Stephen, eds. InsUrgent Media from the Front: A Media Activism Reader. Indiana University Press, 2020.

Rogers, Christine, Kim Munro, Liz Burke and Catherine Gough-Brady, eds. Construction of the Real: Intersections of Documentary-Based Film Practice and Theory. Intellect Books, 2023.

Sadlier, Darlene J. A Century of Brazilian Documentary Film: From Nationalism to Protest. The University of Texas Press, 2022.

Sadlier, Darlene J. Memories of Underdevelopment (Memorias del Subdesarrollo). Bloomsbury, 2023.

Salazkina, Masha, Fibla-Gutiérrez, Enrique, eds. Global Perspectives on Amateur Film Histories and Cultures. Indiana University Press, 2020.

Schultz-Figueroa, Benjamin. The Celluloid Specimen: Moving Image Research into Animal Life. University of California Press, 2023.

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Snowdon, Peter. The People Are Not an Image: Vernacular Video After the Arab Spring. Verso, 2020.

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Zimmermann, Patricia R. Documentary Across Platforms: Reverse Engineering Media, Place, and Politics. Indiana University Press, 2019.