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On 11/11/2020, Gerda Cammaer requested recommendations from the Visible Evidence listserv for desktop non-fiction films, as well as publications about this genre. This list was compiled by Lara Harb, then a candidate Masters of Documentary Media (Ryerson University) under the supervision of Gerda Cammaer. This list includes a resource list from the Desktop Cinema Working Group, shared by Felicity Palma.


«[…] craving for narrative» lässt sich einfach nicht gut übersetzen (2016), Director: Machs Grau

.TV (2017), Director: Anthony Svatek

18 Black Boys Ages 1-18 Who Have Arrived at the Singularity – Performed in Bedstuy, Brooklyn (2015), Director: Terence Nance

18 Black Girls Ages 1-18 Who Have Arrived at the Singularity – Performed in Bedstuy, Brooklyn (2015), Director: Terence Nance

A propos de Lanzarote et de Michel Houellebecq en particulier (2020), Director: Vincent Tricon

All That is Solid (2014), Director: Louis Henderson

Amazonia (2019), Director: Roger Beebe

Apple Computers (2013), Director: Nick Briz

Aquí y allá (Here and There) (2020), Director: Melissa Liebenthal

As If Sand Were Stone… (2019), Director: Ben Mendelsohn

At Home But Not At Home (2020), Director: Suneil Sanzgiri

“Baby Come Home,” Foundland (2015), Director: Foundland Video

Big_Sleep™ (2015), Directors: Evan Meaney and Amy Szczepanski

Bodycam (2016), Director: Stéphane Myczkowski

Clean With Me (After Dark) (2019), Director: Gabrielle Stemmer

Cleaning the Glass (2016), Director: Brett Kashmere

The Comic Sans Video (2018), Director: Roger Beebe

Contra-Internet Inversion Practice #3: Modeling Paranodal Space (2016), Director: Zach Blas

Current State of Everything: Body as Archive (2018), Director: dana washington

Dear Bill Gates (2006), Director: Sarah Christman

Dear Steve (2010), Director: Herman Asselberghs

Divieto 2 (2018), Director: Alex Tyson

Exercises in Historical Perspective (2006), Director: Ben Mendelsohn

Films of Kevin B. Lee

Foot Stretcher (2017), Director: Inbar Hagai

General Motors (1976), Director: Phil Morton

Grosse Fatigue (2013), Director: Camille Henrot

Harun Farocki: The Counter-Image (2019), Director: Kevin B. Lee

Hiding Our Faces Like a Dancing Wind (2016), Director: Yazan Khalili

Holly Herndon – Chorus (2014), Director: Akihiko Taniguchi

Holly Herndon – Home (2014), Director: Metahaven

Homage by Assassination (1992), Director: Elia Suleiman

How to Disappear Completely (2020?), Director: Cameron Granger

How to/Why Leave Facebook (2014), Director: Nick Briz

influencer (2018), Director: Lillian Dam Bracia

Lineage for Multiple-Monitor Workstation: Number One (2015), Director: Sondra Perry

The Migrating Image (2019), Director: Stefan Kruse Jørgensen

Miscalculated Projections (2015), Director: Alice Dalgalarrondo

My Crush Was a Superstar (2016), Directors: Chloë Galibert-Lainé and Kevin B. Lee

My First Film (2015), Director: Zia Anger

My Life in Google (2015), Director: Adam Sekuler

My%Desktop (2002), Directors: JODI–Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans

Nightingale (2019), Director: Tara Judah

Noah (2013), Directors: Patrick Cederberg and Walter Woodman

Occidente (2014), Director: Ana Vaz

On the Secret We Share (2018), Director: Jerome AB

Positive YouTubers–A Machinima Documentary (2017), Director: Leandro Goddinho

Russian Windows (2018), Director: Olivia Eberts

Shared Grief (2015), Director: Adam Sekuler

Soft Film (2016), Director: Sara Cwyner

Street Views (2014), Director: Annie Berman

The Sweetest Sound (2001), Director: Alan Berliner

Transformers: The Premake (2014), Director: Kevin B. Lee

Vague Images at the Beginning and End of the Day (2015), Director: Carl Elsaesser

Videograms of a Revolution (1993), Director: Harun Farocki

Watching the Pain of Others (2018), Director: Chloë Galibert-Lainé

What is Deep Sea Mining? Episode 1: Tools for Ocean Literacy (2018), Director: Inhabitants

What is Deep Sea Mining? Episode 4: A Deep Sea Mining Glossary (2019), Director: Inhabitants

When Things Occur (2016), Director: Oraib Toukan

Why Go Vegan: A Desktop Documentary (n.d.), Director: Karleigh Murphy

windows_h264_01 (2017), Director: Ingo Raschka

Wo/anderland (2020), Director: MassHysteria

You Are Now Running on Reserve Battery Power (2011), Director: Jessie Stead

Your father was born 100 years old and so was the Nakba (2017), Director: Razan AlSalah


Music Videos


Lonely Generation,” by Echosmith (2019)

Modern Loneliness,” by Lauv (2020)

Run and Run,” by Lyrical School (2016)


Articles and Other Sources


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