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Documentaries on Monuments

This list of documentaries about monuments was compiled from the Visible Evidence listserv by Masha Vlasova.


About something that concerns us all  (2016), Director: Cristiana Miranda

Absent Stone (2013), Directors: Jesse Lerner and Sandra Rozental

Armagh Stories: Voices from the Gaol (2015), Director: Cahal McLaughlin

Berlinmuren (2008), Directo: Lars Laumann

The Book of Lenins (1996), Director: Rick Minnich

Brutality in Stone (1961), Directors: Alexander Kluge and Peter Schamoni

Buried and Breaking Away (2018), Director: Bill Morrison

Contact Zones (2015), Director: Georg Koszulinski

Disgraced Monuments (1994), Directors: Mark Lewis and Laura Mulvey

Domestic Tourism I and II (2005, 2009), Director: Maha Maamoun

Fields of Sacrifice (1963), Director: Donald Brittain

Haiku (for Onizuka) (2007), Director: Jeanne Liotta

Half-Life of War (2014), Director: Kyle Henry

Handsworth Songs (1986), Director: John Akomfrah

The Head (2015), Director: Deimantas Narkevičius

Here After (2018), Directors: Esy Casey and Sarah Friedland

If Only I Were that Warrior (2015), Director: Valerio Ciriaci

The Illinois Parables (2016), Director: Deborah Stratman

The Last Conquistador (2008), Directors: Jon Valadez and Cristina Ibarra

London (1994), Director: Patrick Keiller

Monument Film (2012), Director: Peter Kubelka

Monuments (2010), Director: Redmond Entwhistle

Mortuary Film (2018), Director: Georg Koszulinski

Mythologies of the Conquerors (2013), Director: Georg Koszulinski

Negotiating Amnesia (2016), Director: Alessandra Ferrini

One Second in Montréal (2003), Director: Michael Snow

Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind (2007), Director: John Gianvito

Sherman’s March (1985), Director: Ross McElwee

Les Statues Meurent Aussi (1953), Directors: Chris Marker, Ghislain Cloquet, and Alain Resnais

Turbo Sculpture (2010-2013), Director: Alexandra Domanovic

Victory Over the Sun (2007), Director: Michael Robinson

Yanqui Walker and the Optical Revolution (2011), Director: Kathryn Ramey