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Documentaries on Monuments and Memorials

This list of documentaries about monuments and memorials was compiled from the Visible Evidence listserv by Masha Vlasova. She sent her query on this topic to the listserv on 10/11/2018.


About something that concerns us all  (2016), Director: Cristiana Miranda

Absent Stone (2013), Directors: Jesse Lerner and Sandra Rozental

Armagh Stories: Voices from the Gaol (2015), Director: Cahal McLaughlin

Berlinmuren (2008), Directo: Lars Laumann

The Book of Lenins (1996), Director: Rick Minnich

Brutality in Stone (1961), Directors: Alexander Kluge and Peter Schamoni

Buried and Breaking Away (2018), Director: Bill Morrison

Contact Zones (2015), Director: Georg Koszulinski

Disgraced Monuments (1994), Directors: Mark Lewis and Laura Mulvey

Domestic Tourism I and II (2005, 2009), Director: Maha Maamoun

Fields of Sacrifice (1963), Director: Donald Brittain

Haiku (for Onizuka) (2007), Director: Jeanne Liotta

Half-Life of War (2014), Director: Kyle Henry

Handsworth Songs (1986), Director: John Akomfrah

The Head (2015), Director: Deimantas Narkevičius

Here After (2018), Directors: Esy Casey and Sarah Friedland

If Only I Were that Warrior (2015), Director: Valerio Ciriaci

The Illinois Parables (2016), Director: Deborah Stratman

The Last Conquistador (2008), Directors: Jon Valadez and Cristina Ibarra

London (1994), Director: Patrick Keiller

Monument Film (2012), Director: Peter Kubelka

Monuments (2010), Director: Redmond Entwhistle

Mortuary Film (2018), Director: Georg Koszulinski

Mythologies of the Conquerors (2013), Director: Georg Koszulinski

Negotiating Amnesia (2016), Director: Alessandra Ferrini

One Second in Montréal (2003), Director: Michael Snow

Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind (2007), Director: John Gianvito

Sherman’s March (1985), Director: Ross McElwee

Les Statues Meurent Aussi (1953), Directors: Chris Marker, Ghislain Cloquet, and Alain Resnais

Turbo Sculpture (2010-2013), Director: Alexandra Domanovic

Victory Over the Sun (2007), Director: Michael Robinson

Yanqui Walker and the Optical Revolution (2011), Director: Kathryn Ramey

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