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Documentaries on the Topic of Homeland

Vlada Lodesk sent a query to the Visible Evidence listserv on 10/21/23 for suggestions on films that approach the topic of homeland and home from a non-narrative, avant-doc perspective. This list compiles the results of that query.


Aleph (2021), Dir. Iva Radivojević

Chinese Characters (1988), Dir. Richard Fung

Chronicle of a Disappearance (1996), Dir. Elia Suleiman

Girl From Moush (1993), Dir. Garine Torossian

Jabaroot (2003), Shahin Parhami

Journal inachevé (1982), Dir. Marilu Mallet

La Nouba des femmes du Mont Chenoua (1977), Assia Djebar

Lahoot (1998), Shahin Parhami

Letter from Your Far-Off Country (2020), Dir. Suneil Sanzgiri

Measures of Distance (1988), Dir.Mona Hatoum

Nasoot (1997), Shahin Parhami

Papapapá (1995) Dir. Alex Rivera

Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania (1972), Dir. Jonas Mekas

The ID Project: My Dominica Story (2019), Dir. Richard Eitenne, UK

The Intifada-ing (2016), Dir. Rebecca Ora

The Prodigal Son (2009), Dir. Kurt Orderson, South Africa

Yael Bartana’s “And Europe will Be Stunned” trilogy

Your Father Was Born 100 Years Old, and So Was the Nakba (2017), Dir.Razan AlSalah


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